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TEN DAYS IN A MADHOUSE with Music Theatre of Madison- Madison,WI

      "Anna Pfefferkorn is an unsinkable, energetic Nellie Bly; part Anne of Green Gables, part Nancy Drew. Underneath a black straw hat and Bly's signature plaid coat, Pfefferkorn's vibrant auburn hair hangs down her back in a long braid and frames her face, full of plucky optimism and determination. Her lovely soprano sails easily over the audience as she sings about her mission to report the shocking truth of malnutrition, mistreatment, disease and neglect that lies behind the asylum walls."

Gwendolyn Rice,

HELD: A MUSICAL FANTASY with Music Theatre of Madison- Madison, WI

       "As Korin, Anna Pfefferkorn has a  melancholy, ethereal quality."

 ~ Gwendolyn Rice,


MAN OF LA MANCHA with Four Seasons Theatre- Madison, WI

       "...the luminous Anna Pfefferkorn as Antonia..."

~ Gwendolyn Rice,

THE FULL MONTY with Middleton Players Theatre- Middleton, WI

       "As Vicki, the enthusiastically materialistic wife of former factory boss Harold...Anna Pfefferkorn owned 'Life With Harold', her big musical number."

~ Aaron R. Conklin, Madison Magazine


THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW with The Alchemist Theatre- Milwaukee, WI

       "Anna Pfefferkorn is [successful] in her total reinterpretation of Columbia as a platinum blonde Marilyn Monroe type, alternately mooning for her lost boyfriend and swanning about in endlessly entertaining poses. She's charismatic and fun..."

~ Jeff Grygny,


       "...I first saw Anna Pfefferkorn on stage, as the lead in a production of "Carrie," where she initially dressed down and tucked in, as a character trying to deny her sexuality and herself. Dressed here as Marilyn Monroe, Pfefferkorn is embodying Columbia, the cast-off Frank groupie who flaunts her sexuality and gives us a taste of dirty dancing alongside Eddie (Sean Duncan).

       For all their differences, what Pfefferkorn's versions of these two characters most obviously share — alongside Rapunzel, played by Pfefferkorn in an intervening Skylight Music Theatre production last spring of "Into the Woods" — is Pfefferkorn's own lovely voice. But as she presents them, Carrie, Rapunzel and Columbia also share a heightened sense of themselves as outsiders, excluded from the sexually and emotionally fulfilling relationships others around them enjoy. In all three roles, Pfefferkorn has seemed alternately frightened and forlorn — afraid of what she's missing and sad all the same that she's missing it."

~ Mike Fischer,


       "I’m so charmed by the performers at the top of the heap that it’s hard for me to compare everyone else fairly. Amanda Hull and Anna Pfefferkorn, as Magenta and Columbia, are the furthest toward the film version on the gritty-to-glam spectrum, but it’s a choice that works brilliantly, the duo standing as goofy, over-the-top outliers..."

~ Matthew Reddin,


CARRIE: THE MUSICAL with Theatre Unchained- Milwaukee, WI

       "Anna Pfefferkorn, who plays Carrie, is a dynamic young force to be reckoned with. She's a UWM student and will graduate with a degree in musical theater, and she understands both parts of that degree. She can sing with expressive style and understands that singing without acting is, well, just singing. She was a delight as the queen of victimhood, then as the queen of the hop and finally as the queen of vengeance."

~ Dave Begel,


       "But long before Carrie emerges from her shell, Pfefferkorn has revealed this troubled teen's inner light, thanks to a beautiful voice"

~ Mike Fischer,


       "Anna Pfefferkorn is emotionally engaging in the title role"

~ Russ Bickerstaff,



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